Why I am Running for the School Board

I am running because I believe a strong public education system is the most valuable asset of a community and a country. As the mother of a 5th grade student enrolled in District 272,  I want to increase parent representation on the board. I want to be the parents', teachers' and voters' voice and our children's advocate. I want to make sure that our children are equipped to face the unique challenges ahead for them. I also want to ensure that the Designing Pathways initiative is implemented with success and certain aspects of it such as bringing Pre-K students in to the Elementary Schools is done carefully and responsibly.

I want to ensure that our schools and teachers are supported adequately to provide the highest quality education possible and that we continue to hire and retain only top tier educators in our district.


My Priorities for the Board

• Safety and well-being of all the students.
• Smaller class sizes.
• Better interactions and communications between the board, the district administration and the parents.
• Financial solvency and accountability.
• Only healthy food options on school grounds and a lunch menu that accommodates various food allergies.
• More recess time for students to socialize, move around and be physically active during the school day.
• Making sure that each student gets the support and attention they need to excel academically, be happy and well-adjusted socially. 

2019 Eden Prairie School Board Campaign