Why I am Running for the School Board

I am running for the Eden Prairie School Board to contribute to the continued and improved success of all Eden Prairie Schools.
As the mother of a 3rd grade student enrolled in District 272, I want to represent all parents of school-age children in Eden Prairie. The decisions made by the school board not only have a direct, immediate effect on all of our children’s current education but will also have cumulative effects on their future.
We have a diverse set of schools, education models and students that all have their unique needs, challenges and opportunities. With a well thought out, tailored approach to each need we can capitalize on the opportunities and fulfill the needs of every student with the goal of giving them the most impactful education in a secure, empowering and supportive environment.
A strong public school system is the result of effective use of the resources at hand and active participation in the education system. Whether that be donating our time, ideas, expertise, or talents. Sharing and learning from each other’s experiences. Listening to each other’s concerns and struggles, and working together to find the best solutions.
We need to support our educators in their heroic efforts to help shape our children’s futures, prepare them for the challenges ahead and empower them to not just sieze but to create their own chances in life.
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